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Mario Mosboeck Wins $1,050 SCOOP Main Event for $839,000!

Milko van Winden
Head of Digital Media @ Pokercode

Pokercode’s Mario ‘livinmydream1’ Mosboeck managed to live the dream of basically any poker player: Winning the SCOOP Main Event for $838,909. The Grindhouse 2020 participant played his way to the final day of the $1,050 Main Event leaving well over 5,000 players behind to get his hands on a seat at the Final Table of nine.

Despite there being a continuous stream of big online poker tournaments, it’s still a rarity to see tournaments happening with a first-place prize of this magnitude, but for Mario it’s not the first time having eyes on the big bucks. Back in September of 2020 Mario found himself on the Final Table of the $10k Super MILLION$ High Roller on Pokercode by GGPoker with $636,000 reserved for the eventual champion. Unfortunately for Mario, a 7th-place finish was all he could achieve for $100,000.

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The Final Table

Mario started the final day of the $1,050 SCOOP Main Event in 5th place with 38.6 million chips (24bb) in front of him. Chip leader ‘alimounda’ sat on a stack of 145 million chips (91bb) and the four players below Mario all had below 20 big blinds.

Despite there being multiple short-stacked players, it took almost an hour for the first player to hit the rail when they ran ace-king into pocket aces. Mario, in the meantime, had expanded his stack to 61 million and was going slow and steady until he gained a big boost by eliminating the 8th-place finisher with pocket kings against ace-three to move up to 3rd place with 88.7 million. It then only took 40 minutes to go down from seven to four. Mario dropped to fourth place but was now guaranteed an already impressive payday of $303,864.

It was at this stage of the tournament that Mario went for it in a huge flip with pocket eights against the king-queen of ‘PopAShush’. The safe runout for Mario sent him into second place and a couple of minutes later Mario went for the kill and eliminated ‘PopAShush’ with ace-king against king-queen.

When the final three players were left it was quite the unique company. Day 3 chip leader ‘alimounda’ sat on top of the counts, Day 2 chip leader Mario was sitting in second, and ‘Morrison830’ who was now the short stack of the tournament was, believe it or not, the Day 1 chip leader of the $1,050 Main Event.

Mario during the Pokercode Grindhouse


‘Morison830’, however, couldn’t climb up from his short-stacked position and got eliminated in 3rd place for $426,275. Mario was now heads-up but was behind a lot with 95 million against 494 million. He was able to climb back into it until the action was paused with Mario sitting on 246 million against 344 million. Both parties couldn’t agree on a deal though, and cards were back in the air.

It was at this moment that Mario kept going up and down but had trouble getting into the lead. As soon as he finally was the chip leader he didn’t look back. After a rush of hands where Mario kept chipping up, he ended up putting his opponent to the test holding ace-three on an A-T-2-3-K board. It turned out that Mario was one mouse-click away from being crowned champion because as soon as ‘alimounda’ called it off and showed ace-six it was up to Mario to lift the trophy and be crowned SCOOP Main Event Champion.

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Congratulations from the entire team at Pokercode Mario!

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