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Mission to the Top: A Conversation with Greg

Adam Johnson
Community Success Manager

Since joining the Pokercode team as a coach back in 2022, Greg has become a staple name within the community for his bright mind and incredible attention to detail. His ability to explain advanced concepts in a simplified way is something that has helped all players from the community thrive and evolve their game. Coaching aside, Greg has been a professional poker player for 6 years and is making quite the name for himself in the online world. Focused on his future in the game, his path took him to Grindhouse 3.

After turning professional in 2017, if you’d have told Greg about the meteoric rise he’d have within the game in such a short space of time, I don’t think he’d have been as surprised as one may think. He’s always had a vision to reach the top and his dedication is unparalleled when it comes to self-improvement. Surrounded by the great minds of the Grindhouse 3 team and poker elites such as Fedor Holz, Greg has his sights set on big things in the future.

Pokercode: Greg, it’s been more than a year now since you have been part of the Grindhouse! Fedor has mentioned that he sees the house as a kick-off for a longer journey - are you still working with the crew and Fedor?

Greg: "Yes, I’m still working with Fabi, Samu, Tobi and the mastermind himself, very closely."

PC: What are some of the most memorable moments or experiences from the house?

Greg: "The most memorable one was being scared to death while chasing Milko downhill on bikes. I’ve never had such an adrenaline rush before. Poker wise, a chilled night next to a sick fireplace with Fedor and Matthias discussing ICM."

PC: How has your skill developed since the Grindhouse? Any major successes or changes in your ABI and skill?

Greg: "My average buy-in doubled or close to tripled after GH3. This is mainly because some people believe in me and invest in me. I have a chance to sell action to pretty much any game that an investor and myself see as profitable.

Skill wise, I developed tons as a player because of being in a great study group and having access to resources and people I never had access to. I also developed as a coach and I’m very proud of that. Successes are still yet to come, but I had many close calls. Finished 3rd in a 550 WCOOP Event, won #OSS event, 50/50 event and had 3 semi-final tables in EPT’s (12-13th places). I also changed my approach to studying. I am more focused on smart work and my own development and less on coaching 1-to-1 these days. Don’t worry, I am not leaving Pokercode."

PC: We’ve seen you traveling with other Pokercode members to several live stops lately. Do you enjoy the live circuit and spending time with the crew?

Greg: "Yes, very much. It’s awesome to see the guys and swap with them. We are very close and I succeed when they do. It’s amazing when they have deep runs. Last stop in Cyprus, we ran so well that we made for 10% of the players remaining in the Eureka Main Event. So, I like it because of the social aspect, but I also like to see myself develop in the live poker arena. I feel very confident live compared to before GH3. Every stop makes me stronger. I am typing this message from the bus that takes me to the airport and I’m leaving to Prague for EPT. Excited!"

PC: Awesome to see! You are also an active coach for our Pokercode community and a lot of members cherish your coaching’s! If you had to market your session yourself, what makes your coaching’s worth joining and which skill level should one have to join?

Greg: "Thank you! I love my job and I appreciate positive feedback. It gives me motivation to deliver good content. I’d say my sessions are for what Fedor would describe as 3-7 skill levels. But, even if you are not there yet, I will always answer all questions and describe the strategy the way you can understand. I’m good at adjusting to the audience. I finished business management, but never that great at marketing. I skipped classes. If I had to try though, I’d say something along the lines of ‘come, join and have fun’. I always aim to bring some fun element and banter to (what often can be) boring nerdy Discord calls."

PC: Apart from coaching, what are your next goals as a player, and what would you like to achieve long term?

Greg: "I have very simple goals. Do everything in my power to be a +EV player on the highest stakes online and on Triton events. We will see where this will take me. Even if I don’t become one of the best, I will certainly be a much stronger player."

PC: If you had to start your poker career again, what advice would you give to young Greg to improve quickly?

Greg: "Take risks when you are young. Be bold. Be aggressive with bankroll management. Surround yourself with high achievers, people who are hungry for success. Don’t waste your time and don’t settle on mediocrity. You have nothing to lose. Go out there, believe in yourself and try."

From the conversation, it’s clear to see that the hunger and drive within Greg to reach the top is tangible. You could sense that as he sat on that bus on his way to EPT Prague typing out his answers, he is fuelled by the willingness to improve every single day as and be the best version of himself. Whether it’s as a coach in the Pokercode Community or as a player battling in the highest stakes, he’ll always strive for greatness. Something tells me that we’ll be hearing a lot more about Greg in the near future and beyond.

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