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A Background Look at Our Heroes from Triton

Adam Johnson
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A Background Look at Our Heroes from Triton

The illustrious Triton Poker Series returned this March and Jeju played host for the first time as a multitude of Team Pokercode members made their way to this incredible location. Fedor Holz and Matthias Eibinger are staple names in the high roller scene, but they were joined by some emerging poker talent that were ready to make an impact on the felt.

Mario Mosböck, Roland Rokita, Samuel Mullur and Tom Fuchs are no strangers to us at Team Pokercode as they’ve been making a name for themselves for the last few years across the online and live scene. We’ve delved a little deeper into their backgrounds to give you an idea of how they’ve reached these heights in the poker world and why their domination in the biggest tournaments isn’t that surprising.

Mario Mosböck

Former footballer Mario Mosböck has been on a straight trajectory to the top since retiring from the game at 21 and pursuing a career in poker. Despite switching into a completely different sport, maintaining that competitive edge has allowed Mario to outwork a lot of people in the game to reach the level he’s at today, but there’s plenty more to come.

As a lifelong friend of Fedor’s, Mario has always had a good support system around him when it comes to poker, but this evolved even further when the Grindhouse launched in 2020. After participating in the first ever Grindhouse, Mario transformed the way he approached the game and went on to have some incredible success both online and live in a short space of time. The notable scores coming from the following: 1st in $1,050 SCOOP Main Event, for $838,909, 1st in $42,400 Triton Mystery Bounty, for $718,000, 2nd in $1m WPT Big One for One Drop, for $4,663,950 and 2nd in $200,000 Triton Super High Roller, for $2,690,000.

Huge scores and collecting trophies is starting to become a habit for Mario and he continued this in Jeju as he won his second Triton Event in the $25,000 GGMillions for $1,191,196. Despite only having 5bb during 6-handed play, Mario maintained his composure and battled until the end to secure the trophy for Team Pokercode. It’s clear to see that Mario dedicates a lot of his success to the team he has around him as he mentioned in his winning speech; “All the boys are really smart, really driven. They want to compete at the highest level…If it was me alone, I’m not sure I would be playing the Super High Rollers.”

Roland Rokita

Roland Rokita has followed in the footsteps of Mario and has made incredible progress since sharing 3 months together in Grindhouse 1. As part of the same study group, it’s no surprise to see that Roland has made similar strides in the live poker scene, despite only playing low-mid stakes 3 years ago.

After working on his craft with the Grindhouse team and studying for an endless amount of hours, Roland made his way to some of the live poker stops and secured his first six-figure score in 2021, finishing 3rd in WPT Venetian $5,000, for $363,235. As impressive as that is, he had to withstand a lot of physical pain to earn this result, which you can read more about. This put Roland’s name on the map and got him to where he is today.

Debuting at Triton is an aspiration for a lot of poker players, and it was a long-time coming for Roland, but he wanted to prove that he belonged on that stage. What better way to prove yourself than to win an event and collect your first ever Triton trophy just days after Fedor won the first event in Jeju. Roland secured 1st place in the $20,000 8-Max for $904,000 to make it two out of two for Team Pokercode. This is only the beginning for Roland, so be ready to see him lift a few more trophies in the years to come.

Samuel Mullur

Samuel Mullur has burst onto the high-roller scene in the last 2 years and has made his skill-set known. It was only 2 years ago that Samu was playing low stakes tournaments both live and online, dreaming of a time where he could compete on this biggest stage. Little did he know that it was just around the corner.

After being announced as the first participant for Grindhouse 3, Samu became a staple name in the Pokercode community. After connecting with like-minded people in and around the Grindhouse, Samu continued this hard work and moved into a flat in Austria with other Pokercode members to take his game to the next level. Under Fedor’s guidance, it wasn’t long before Samu made a huge impact on the online and live felt.

His major breakthrough came in late 2023 as he won the $25,000 WSOP High Roller at the Bahamas for $2,726,300 and his first WSOP bracelet. This is an incredible achievement for anyone in poker, but considering where he was only two years ago, it’s even more remarkable. This wasn’t enough for Samu, as a little over two weeks later he was back on the online felt to take 2nd in $10,300 GGMillions High Roller for $234,194.

Now he finds himself playing his first ever Triton event and secured his first cash a few days ago. It’s testament to Samu that he can reach such heights in such a short amount of time.

Tom Fuchs

Another name to look out for in the near future is Tom Fuchs. Emerging onto the high stakes scene on the online felt, Tom has made huge strides in recent years and is starting to venture into live poker to show what he’s capable of.

Living in Austria with Team Pokercode members Tobi, Samu, Hansi and Quirin, Tom has a great learning environment around him that has helped him propel his game to the next level. Following on from the impact he’s made online with multiple final tables in GGMasters $1k’s, Fedor has taken Tom under his wing to help him take the next step in poker.

As you can see, Tom making his debut in Jeju for the Triton Poker Series was a happy and memorable experience, and a step in the right direction for where he wants to get to. With the people in his corner that he has, it’s just a matter of time before you see him scooping up some big results in the world of live poker.

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