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The History of Pokercode at Triton

Adam Johnson
Community Success Manager

Since 2016, Triton has grown exponentially and there aren’t any signs of that slowing down, as the recent Jeju series hosted a record-breaking field. With Triton Montenegro just around the corner, it’s another opportunity for Team Pokercode to plant our flag in the ground and compete on the biggest stage to create some more history.

Over the years, Fedor Holz and Matthias Eibinger have been household names across Triton events, collecting many trophies along the way, but lately they’ve been joined by some familiar faces representing Pokercode, who’ve had quite the impact themselves. To celebrate the Triton events to date, we’ve collated the history of Pokercode at Triton to see just how memorable it has been for our players and community.

Fedor Holz

With four Triton titles to his name, 19 cashes and $13,022,140 in earnings, it’s safe to say that Fedor Holz is one of the biggest names on the Triton scene. For Fedor, it all began in Manila, Philippines back in 2016. He collected his first of four Triton trophies in the $200k Cali Cup for $3,072,748, which kick-started a year full of incredible results. In this interview he shares a few insights into what his preparation was like back then and who he kept his eye on in the field.

Montenegro was the next Triton stop for Fedor in 2017 and he was back to collecting trophies, this time in the HK$250k 6-Max event for $444,893. This meant that Fedor won the first two Triton events that he played, which is quite the feat. As we all know, it doesn’t matter how much money is on the line, Fedor is a true competitor and just wants to battle against the best. Although his next trophy didn’t come until 2023 (disappointing, we know), in 2022 at the North Cyprus event, he was in the limelight for playing one of the more memorable hands vs Viktor Kudinov in the $30k 6-Max, which you need to take a look at.

Fast forward to 2023 and London was host to Fedor’s third Triton trophy in the $25k 7-Handed event, collecting $609,853. It was becoming quite clear that although Fedor wasn’t playing as much as back in 2016, he’s still one of the best in the game and to be feared in these events. To top it all off, just two months ago in Jeju, Fedor topped a record-breaking field to win his fourth Triton trophy and $786,000 for his efforts. After the victory he said: “It’s just nice winning tournaments, no matter what.” There’s no signs of Fedor slowing down, so let’s see what Montenegro has in store for him this month.

Matthias Eibinger

Onto Matthias Eibinger, with three Triton titles, 18 cashes and $10,285,569 in Triton earnings, he’s proved himself as a force to be reckoned with. Back in 2022, Matthias shone at the Cyprus stops, taking home two trophies from his trips. His background in hyper SNG’s proved to be the best preparation possible as he won the $50k Turbo in April for $676,000 and the $50k Turbo in September for $545,000. This was the kick-start of something special for Matthias.

Following on from that, one-year later in the $125k Main Event in Monte Carlo, Matthias topped a star-studded field to take home the trophy and $3,461,261 for his efforts. Defeating Adrian Mateos heads-up isn’t easy, but it made the victory even sweeter for Matthias as he was put to the test vs one of the world’s best and came out on top. To put it into perspective, here’s the best hand from their heads-up battle, showing just what Matthias had to overcome to lift the trophy.

In 2024, Matthias tried to retain his title in the $100k Jeju Main Event, but after a valiant effort he fell short and came 5th for $1,330,000. Becoming a Triton champion isn’t easy and the work you have to put in is never-ending, but Matthias did share some nuggets of wisdom to give you an insight into his thought process competing on the biggest stage. Something tells me that there’ll be plenty more winning pictures of Matthias in the future.

Mario Mosböck

He might be new to the Triton scene, but he is one of the very first Pokercode members. Mario Mosböck was an original member of the Grindhouse back in 2020 and has gone on to crush the online and live scene at the highest stakes. Despite only debuting at Triton back in 2023, he’s already collected two Triton trophies, 10 cashes and $6,267,996 in Triton earnings.

Mario made his impact on the Triton scene in Monte Carlo in 2023. After three deep runs in Vietnam seven months prior, the opportunities were coming for some big results and they arrived at the French Riviera. After taking second place in the $200k Invitational for $2,690,000, Mario got the monkey off his back and won the $40k Mystery Bounty for another seven-figure score of $1,438,000 and the gold trophy. From playing mid stakes in 2020 to collecting a Triton trophy just three years later is quite something.

Five months later, Mario made his way to Jeju looking to continue his success at the Triton events and this is exactly what happened. After battling back from six big-blinds for the majority of the final table, he came out on top of the $25k GGMillions field to collect $1,191,196 and another trophy to put on the mantelpiece. The future is bright for Pokercode and even brighter for Mario.

Roland Rokita

The newest Pokercode Triton event winner is Roland Rokita. A household name in the community, just like Mario, he was a member of the original Grindhouse in 2020 and has gone on to achieve some incredible things in such a short amount of time. With one Triton title, four cashes and $1,023,000 in earnings, Roland is going to be a name you’ll see a lot more often at Triton.

In 2023, Roland made his debut at Triton Vietnam and attended the Cyprus stop, but couldn’t get much going in terms of results. As we all know, this is very common in live tournaments, but it was just a matter of time before Roland made his stamp on the Triton scene. This happened in Jeju, just two months ago as he topped a field of 225 entries to lock-up $904,000 and the illustrious gold Triton trophy.

There’s always something extra special about winning your first trophy, no matter the stakes and it was evident how much it meant to Roland at the end. “It means a lot,” Rokita said. “I came here, I prepared a lot. To lift the trophy, it’s unbelievable.” “It was a roller coaster in the final table,” Rokita said. “I was really nervous…I won a big pot, he won a big pot, but I finished it in the end.”

Steffen Sontheimer

Being a cash-game expert and playing high stakes MTT’s is something that goes hand-in-hand for the elite players, which Steffen Sontheimer is. Although he doesn’t play tournaments as regularly anymore, he more than held his own in the Triton stops he attended. With three Triton cashes to his name, all coming in three final tables and $866,806 in earnings, Steffen was making quite the impression on the field back in the 2010’s.

In 2017 and 2018, Steffen made back-to-back final tables in the HK$1M Montenegro Main Event, but just fell short with sixth and fifth place finishes. He was back in 2019 to his favorite stop of Montenegro, this time to battle in the Short Deck event, which shows just how many strings Steffen has to his bow. He reached the final table again and came fifth place in this unique event.

Steffen is no stranger to tournament poker and despite not attending the Triton stops in the recent last few years, there’s no doubt he’d be able to compete against the best and collect a trophy of his own one day.

The Future Looks Bright

At the most recent stop in Jeju, two of our community members, Samuel Mullur and Tom Fuchs both made their Triton debuts. Although they had nothing to shout about on that trip, you’ll be seeing a lot more of them in future Triton events and it won’t be long before they join the winner’s circle with Fedor, Matthias, Mario and Roland.

Winning a Triton title is without a doubt the pinnacle for a professional poker player, but it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to reach that level. At pokercode we want this future for as many members as possible, to reach the top and thrive amongst the best in the world. There’s no reason why it can’t be you, so do it just like the guys and join Team Pokercode, the most successful poker community in the world.

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