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Rising Star in the Poker World: A Candid Chat with Sigi

Norbert Szabo
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Fresh from his transformative experience at the Grindhouse, Sigi shares his journey from the high-stakes tables to the heart of the poker community. This conversation reveals the passion, strategy, and camaraderie that define the life of a professional poker player. Join us as we explore the triumphs, challenges, and future aspirations of this rising star in the poker world.

Pokcercode: It’s been over a year already since GH3 happened! Looking back at your time in the Grindhouse, what are some of the most memorable moments or experiences?

Sigi: “There are plenty of joyful memories I recall. Most importantly, the good times we had and the friendships that were built. I remember long nights not only grinding but also talking poker strategies, discussing life and goals as a poker player, and setting personal growth plans and visions of where to head in our poker career.

It was on the day of the arrival of Fedor when we were all railing Fabi during his deep run in a WCOOP event, which set the stepping stone for various other deep runs and scores of the Grindhouse crew. The energy and support from everyone during such a deeprun was very intense and showed how much we were supporting each other.

I played a major Sunday final table in Grindhouse with more than 10k for the winner. I remember the feeling of having Fedor and the other coaches looking over your shoulder in a thrilling situation like that.

It was also very inspiring to talk to the coaches and exchange ideas to understand how they approach and think about the game. I learned that I can and should set big goals for my poker career and that there are almost no limits to poker success if you work hard on your game and mind.”

PC: Are you still connected to the other members of the house?

Sigi: "Absolutely, I'm still in touch with almost everyone from GH3. Many have become close friends, a testament to the strong bonds we formed.”

PC: Can you share some insights into how you've evolved as a poker player since completing the Grindhouse? Any major successes?

Sigi: "Grindhouse taught me that poker success isn't random; it's a result of planned, learned strategies.

It showed me that poker success is no coincidence. Quite the opposite, success in poker can be planned and learned. With the right long-term strategies, a strict learning plan, and the right people around you, you can achieve a lot in poker.

The project made me understand how to best think, study, and approach poker. It helped me substantially to facilitate my journey as a professional poker player. The time after GH3 I kept working on my game, incorporated fixed study routines, had mindset coaching, and enjoyed playing quite a big volume of online MTTs.

I've implemented strict study routines and mindset coaching, leading to significant online achievements and my biggest poker score yet at a major Casinos Austria tournament.”

PC: What are your next goals in poker, and where do you see your career going?

Sigi: “I plan to stick to poker and continue playing poker for a living. The goal is to follow the chosen path and steadily build a role to eventually transition to playing higher stakes and playing more live poker. It is still on my bucket list to go to Vegas, to play a full WSOP schedule, win bracelets, and battle in the fields of other major tournaments.”

PC: What are you up to these days when you're not at the poker tables or grinding online? We hear you are close friends with plenty of Pokercode members from Vienna.

Sigi: “Besides poker, I enjoy doing lots of sports and spending time with my friends and family. What is very special about living in Vienna is the opportunity to connect and meet with lots of other poker players and Pokercode members. It was just last week when we met for some Punsch at the Christmas Market in Vienna.”

PC: Which advice would you give a young player starting to learn poker?

Sigi: “You are accountable for yourself. Becoming a solid poker player is not something that happens overnight, it requires steady and passionate work offside the tables. Especially at the beginning, it may be beneficial to prioritize studying overplaying.”

PC: How has Team Pokercode contributed to your success and growth as a poker player?

Sigi: “I was working as a lawyer for the last five years before transitioning full-time to poker. Pokercode, its community, and projects such as Gindhouse 3, definitely made the journey of becoming a professional poker player substantially easier.”

PC: Are you planning on coming to Deutsche Poker Meisterschaft (DPM) next February?

Sigi: "I'm excited about the prospect of participating in DPM next February. It'll be great to reconnect with many familiar faces in the poker community!”

As our conversation ends, it's clear that the journey from GH3 to the global poker stage is as much about personal growth as it is about mastering the game. Sigi’s story is a powerful reminder of the dedication, strategic thinking, and community support essential to thriving in the competitive world of professional poker. With his sights set on future events and a deep appreciation for the journey thus far, this player is undoubtedly one to watch in the coming years.

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