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Team Up for Success: Pokercode's 'Back to School' Promo – Join the Class and Crush the Tables! πŸŽ“πŸŽ²πŸš€


Take the next step in your career and lock in massive savings with Pokercode's unbeatable offer. Join during the Back To School Promo from August 11th to August 15th and save a remarkable 58% on a year-long subscription.

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Mark August 14th, 5pm, in bold on your calendar! Prepare to step into greatness with a FREE, live coaching session led our Head Coach Fedor Holz.

You are invited to already prepare for the coaching by playing our interactive quiz where you'll analyze critical hands and decisions Fedor has played during the Event.

Fedor will use these results during the coaching. Plus, three lucky participants in the quiz and coaching will earn exclusive access to ALL remaining live coachings throughout August – a golden opportunity not to be missed!

Test yourself in Coaching Warm-up Quiz &Β Win!

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Unlock a treasure trove of benefits when you join the Pokercode family:

7+ monthly Live Poker Coachings with the best

Multiple live coaching sessions with our Pokercode Coaches each month. Get direct access to the brightest minds in the game.

Exclusive community

Join the ultimate study environment in our exclusive Discord community.

Ever-growing content library on-demand

Access to over 500 premium poker coaching videos.

Unlimited access to Rangeviewer

Study ranges with our best-rated tool.

Team Up for Success: Pokercode's 'Back to School' Promo

This exclusive promotion is in full swing from August 11th to August 15th. Don't just play the game – master it with Pokercode. Reserve your spot for the Fedor Holz live coaching on August 14th at 5pm, where triumph will unfold before your eyes. Engage in the quiz, absorb wisdom from a true poker icon, and stand a chance to win access to all remaining live coachings throughout August.

Team Up for Success: Pokercode's 'Back to School' Promo

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Ready to step up your poker journey? Join the ranks of Team Pokercode now and elevate your play to new heights! Gain access to a thriving community, expert insights, and a winning edge. Don't miss out on this opportunity – become a Pokercode member today!


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