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Why We Started the Stream House & the Importance of Community
Milko van Winden
Head of Content @Pokercode

Some people would just put a couple of guys in a house and have 24/7 live streams running for entertainment. It’s actually a proven concept, just look at how successful the tv-show Big Brother is worldwide. Since 1999 the show has had 448 seasons in 54 different countries but why would a company like Pokercode put four poker streamers in a house?

Well, of course, it is entertaining, but for us, it’s about something bigger than that. Just like with the Pokercode Grindhouse in the summer of 2020, we wanted to prove something. This something is what we believe in and some would call it our mission. We believe that having a community is vital to your growth and improvement. To be surrounded by like-minded individuals who all share the same goal. Improving in what they love.

Stream House

The community at Pokercode is what we value and cherish and with a project like this (and the Pokercode Grindhouse) we want to show how important it is to surround yourself with those who share the drive to improve. I personally feel we already did a great job showing this with the Grindhouse. Most of these guys improved massively and they even went on to win $1,000,000 in one week in Las Vegas during the month of March while Florian Gaugusch almost won a bracelet during the house, finishing 2nd, barely missing out on the coveted piece of WSOP jewelry.

Instead of four regular poker players, we went for poker streamers this time. Three of the four inhabitants are part of the Pokercode Stream Team. Quirin ‘Q_Poker’ Heinz, Jan ‘HansiWurst’ Wagner, and Raffael ‘Pferdinho’ Crose are joined by Heinz’ good friend and fellow poker streamer Tobias ‘Tobsen_Te9’ Eichenseher for the entire month of April in Vienna, Austria. The added challenge for this group of players is that they can’t just focus on playing the game of poker but also have to be entertaining for their Twitch audience. But for them, this also provides an opportunity to not only study poker but also improve their streaming game.

Performance coach Simon Welsch already joined the Stream House for a couple of days to help the participants working on a healthy lifestyle, and mindset. Make sure to check out Simon!

In order to document their growth, we asked the players for full transparency on their stats, graphs, and everything related. This way we can dissect every piece of data and have a clear view at not just the end of the month, but also in some months' time to see if they improved their game significantly. As an added twist, since they already stream so much themselves, we put 4 cameras in the house and started a 24/7 live stream on the Pokercode Twitch channel.

YouTube Vlogs

We also put a cameraman (sometimes two) in the house to document the process. The goal is to create multiple vlogs a week and post them on the Pokercode YouTube channel throughout April and the start of May. The first episodes produced by MonkeyPixels are already available on YouTube and expect daily uploads on weekdays for the rest of the month!

The guys are still in the house until the end of April and our stream still runs 24/7. Let us know if you have any ideas on how to challenge the participants even more through milko@pokercode.com

Episode 1

Episode 2

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