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Strike Gold with the May Spin & Gold Challenge
Milko van Winden
Head of Content @Pokercode

Pokercode founder Fedor Holz was the captain back in April when it was ICM-month for our students, but the month of May is themed around short-stacked play under the guidance of co-founder Matthias Eibinger.

The first session is already in the books and uploaded exclusively for our students on our study platform. Within that coaching session, they also announced a special challenge for those students playing on Pokercode powered by GGPoker.

The Race to 1,000 Spin & Golds

In order to encourage you to practice what you learn in the live coaching sessions, Fedor & Matthias issued a challenge. Players who will complete 50 Spin & Golds of a single buy-in level will receive one buy-in to their respective level. Complete another 150 and get 3 additional buy-ins credited to your account. If you total 500 Spin & Golds played you are awarded 10 buy-ins but that’s not all.

A special prize will be awarded to those completing 1,000 Spin & Gold’s but Matthias is keeping it a secret what that prize will be.

Join Fedor & Matthias

The first three players to complete 1,000 Spin & Gold’s will get the opportunity to do something even more special. Those finishing this pretty impressive feat the fastest and finish in the top 3 will have the chance to join Fedor & Matthias during one of their live Spin & Gold sessions, streamed exclusively for the Pokercode community.

Free Spinwize Access

Another addition for the month is a free trial of the new GTO database of ‘Spinwize’. Spinwize is a tool that Matthias helped build with all unique 1,755 boards solved for all possible solutions up to 36 big blinds with up to 9 different sizes per situation.

Pokercode students will receive full and unrestricted access for the entire month of May, but don’t worry if you’re not part of Team Pokercode yet. Everyone can get a 5-day trial by downloading the tool directly from Spinwize.


If you’ve lost count of the insane amount of Spin & Golds you’ve been grinding, there is no need to worry. Below you can find all the leaderboards for your desired buy-in level.

$0,25 - Leaderboard
$1 - Leaderboard
$3 - Leaderboard
$5 - Leaderboard
$10 - Leaderboard
$20 - Leaderboard
$50 - Leaderboard
$100 - Leaderboard
$200 - Leaderboard

Prizes are distributed after the challenge concluded to all eligible students playing on Pokercode by GGPoker.

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