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Don't Miss Out on Pokercode's Short Stacked May
Hill Kerby
Writer @Pokercode

The theme of this month’s training from our Head Coaches here at Pokercode is short-stacked play. Much like last month’s ICM month, we are delivering weekly sessions on a variety of topics related to playing with a little fewer chips. Furthermore, we are also stepping things up in the form of weekly live Spin & Gold sessions on top of it all!

Keep reading and make sure to mark your calendar in order to catch every training we’re holding this month. And of course, as a member of the Pokercode Community, you’ll have access to all of these sessions in addition to our full library of coaching sessions and lectures shortly after the completion of each session.

We are also holding a promotion this month exclusive to students who play on Pokercode by GGPoker, so be sure to check that out below as well.

Weekly Spin & Gold Sessions

First things first, Pokercode Head Coach and short stack master Matthias Eibinger will be hosting weekly Spin & Gold sessions every Wednesday through the remainder of the month. The very first one will be Wednesday, May 12, 5 pm CET, and a full list has also been provided for your reference.

  • Wednesday May 12, 5 pm CET
  • Wednesday May 19 (time TBD)
  • Wednesday May 26 (time TBD)
  • Wednesday June 2 (time TBD)

May Head Coaching Sessions

Sunday, May 9 – Promos, Schedule, and Preflop Short Stack Strategies with Matthias Eibinger

Matthias started this month’s series discussing various elements of preflop short-stacked play such as opening ranges, flat-call ranges, three-bet ranges, and big-blind defend ranges across different positions and stack sizes.

If you missed this session, it is set to be uploaded to The Pokercode content library this week, so make sure to set aside time to watch it before the remainder of the month’s upcoming sessions, as each session looks to build off of the information in prior live sessions.

Sunday, May 16 – Postflop as PFR with Fedor Holz

Fedor will be leading this upcoming Sunday’s session. His focus will be on components of short-stacked play related to being the preflop opener. Be sure to come ready to engage, too, as Fedor will be ready to answer your best questions.

Monday, May 24 – Postflop from Blinds with Igor & Steffen

Pokercode Head Coach Simon “IgorKarkarof” Rønnow is joined by none other than Steffen Sontheimer to host the third session of the month. The duo will focus more on postflop play after Fedor’s prior session. This time, however, they will look into everything at your disposal when you defend out of the blinds in short-stacked scenarios.

Sunday, May 30 – Short stack on Final Table with Matthias Eibinger

Matthias will wrap up this month with a focus on short-stacked play at the final table. This is really a session you are going to want to catch – after all, this is where the money is truly made in tournament poker, right!?

Spin & Gold Challenge

This month on Pokercode by GGPoker there are multiple leaderboards running for Spin & Gold players. There's a leaderboard for all different stakes and you can find all information here.

In order to join, you must follow a simple three-step process.

  1. Opt In by clicking the Spin & Gold Challenge button in the upper left corner of the lobby
  2. Set your time – you can earn up to 80% cashback for the timeframe you choose (# of hours) to play for the session. Longer sessions = bigger prizes
  3. Pick your challenge based on what you think you’ll be able to finish from the given challenges

Additionally, there's another exclusive promotion for Pokercode students playing on Pokercode by GGPoker. Everyone who completes 50 Spin & Golds of a single buy-in level will earn 1 buy-in at that respective level for free. Those who complete 200 will earn 4 buy-ins for doing so and you can earn 10 buy-ins upon the completion of 500 Spins.

There's something special waiting for those finishing 1,000 S&G’s and the reward will be announced at a later moment. The first three, however, to complete 1,000 Spin & Gold tournaments will be invited to join a Wednesday session with Fedor and Matthias.

The challenge starts after Wednesday, May 12th, live session from Matthias.

If you're interested in joining Team Pokercode to improve your game, make sure to do so and get access to all live coaching sessions that are upcoming. Watch the previous sessions on-demand through the Pokercode content library.

See you soon and best of luck at the tables!

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