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What is Pokercode Cash? - A Breakdown
Martijn Kingma

Pokercode Cash is the newest addition to the Pokercode study platform. Everything will be included in the same Pokercode membership that we offer now, so double the value, same price!  Be in direct contact with our coaches and other like-minded students to improve your game. For the same price, you get access to everything we have to offer. Steffen Sontheimer is our new Head Coach of cash games which you probably already heard. The platform will be updated with weekly new cash game content and live sessions in between, exclusive to Pokercode students.

Cash game content is added to the platform on June 10th, 8 pm CEST.

What's There to Learn?

Steffen knows what he wants to teach people and has some advice for them: “I’m delivering content in a way that everyone can take away something. You will definitely learn something. My advice would be: check it out whether it’s something for you. Maybe Pokercode is the perfect place for you to find 5 like-minded people. Maybe you’ll find your personal Fedor, your personal Rainer [Kempe] to work with and then you don’t need to sign anything where people will have the biggest part of all your winnings.”

Fedor sat down with Steffen to talk about Pokercode Cash. Watch the video on YouTube.

When asked if the content will be heavily solver-based, Steffen shared his view on solvers in general. “It’s not at all based on solvers. What does it even mean to use solvers? I grew up, poker-wise, in a world where solvers did not exist. I see them as little helping tools. Maybe I just give you my view on a solver. For me, I’m running kind of a business and I’m the boss of my business. The solver is like a stupid worker who is very, very good at one specific thing. And this specific thing is: he’ll answer your question as well as possible. But to answer the question in the best way possible you need to ask it right. So what I want to teach you is to understand what is important in poker. As well use the solver if you wish to find solutions even faster. But first, you need to learn to ask the correct questions. I can tell you more or less in almost any spot you can just ask me and I can give you an explanation of what the 'almost right play' would be and it will be pretty close to what the solver says.”

What & When?

So our cash game GOAT is ready to spread his knowledge with all of you. All pre-recorded content will be released on Thursday, June 10th at 8 pm CEST during our Cash Game Launch Party live stream on Twitch. The first content on the platform will include an introduction and multiple videos on Steffen's personal 'general approach'. Being a master of analogies, Steffen will take you through the process of 'building your wardrobe', along with some other concepts to improve your game. Of course, there will be plenty of technical videos on the platform. From defending the blinds, to play on the flop after a variety of preflop scenarios.

There will be videos and live sessions on how to apply these concepts to your game, combining the concepts with theory, to then use them on the online and live felt. The amazing part about Pokercode Cash, just as with the MTT content, is that you as a Pokercode student will influence what the live coaching sessions will be about. These sessions will be uploaded to the study platform after so even if you can't attend these interactive live sessions, they're still available for you

Pokercode Membership

A Pokercode membership will grant you access to our exclusive community. If you have any cash game-related questions for the ‘Go0se’ feel free to ask. Steffen will give you feedback and without a doubt, you’ll learn a lot from him. You can ask questions and start discussions with like-minded students as well. Learning is sharing information and find the pieces you need to complete your puzzle to success.

As noted before: our extension won’t have any effect on the prices of the Pokercode Membership. It’s just an extra feature from where you can take the benefits from.

In the subscription, you can expect 8+ exclusive Live Coachings per month, Access to 100+ hours of content, direct support from Fedor, Matthias, Simon & Steffen, our MTT preflop Rangeviewer tool, and access to the Pokercode community.

Monthly Plan: Monthly subscription payment of €89 €89/mo

Quarterly Plan: Billed as one payment of €199 €66.33/3mo

Yearly Plan: Billed as one payment of €649 €54.08/mo

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