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"I Had To Subscribe When Steffen Sontheimer Joined Pokercode"
Martijn Kingma

Steffen Sontheimer recently joined Team Pokercode as our cash game Head Coach. An addition to the team we’re very delighted with. But what do the coaches and community think about 'Go0se.core!' and are they as excited as we are?

Obviously, Steffen made a name for himself the recent years being a force to be reckoned with on the Super High Roller scene. We all know Steffen from the first moment he popped up in the High Rollers and shortly after he won the inaugural Poker Masters and the purple jacket. But at heart, the German always was a true cash game player. As a player and coach, he focuses on that part of the game again. Eager to teach the community and students the essentials of the game, with the intention to grow as much as possible as a poker player.

Simon 'IgorKarkarof' Rønnow

Simon ‘IgorKarkarof’ Rønnow, MTT head coach at Pokercode, is very impressed by the ‘Go0se’: “Steffen is known to the poker world as one of the best, and that’s for a reason. He has shown that in his long career as a cash player, but also when he decided to jump into the high roller tournaments. Being able to make that jump and do great, just shows what kind of caliber he is as a poker player.”

The Dane, a great player and coach himself, tells about the qualities of Steffen. “I've had the pleasure to do coaching with him. The way he can simplify advanced stuff into a way that is very easy to understand, no matter where you are as a poker player, is impressive”, Simon continues. “He is one of the old pen and paper guys, which means he wouldn't be where he is today, without understanding the game and concepts completely. I'm looking forward to having Steffen on our team because he is just one of the guys where even the best can learn something.”


The community is very excited as well with the entrance of our cash game GOAT. With adding cash game strategic videos the content on Pokercode is even greater than before. Community member Andreas Du Rietz joined because of Steffen. ”So I've been following a lot of the Youtube content creators like Steffen, Ginge Poker, Jarretman, Guerilla Poker for a while. I've also paid for  content on another platform where there's also great stuff. Looking at content like this will make you a better poker player but what you get is like a big puzzle of small pieces that you need to put together yourself into a strategy. That's not easy. So easy to put the wrong pieces together into an incoherent strategy.”

Andreas knew he had to change directions. “So when I heard that Pokercode was teaming up with Steffen to create a whole course from start to finish on how he thinks about poker, I had to join! That's what got me interested. What would make me stay I think will be the slack community. Being able to discuss hands and strategy with Steffen & the community is already proving to be soo valuable. Steffen has a way of focusing on the important part first and stripping away the ‘noise’, which would only confuse me at the level where I'm at.”

We’ve already seen some of the great videos Steffen shares with us. The cash game launch was a great success with a lot of great content to follow. Don’t miss out!

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