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$10,000,000 GTD in the $1,500 GGSF Main Event
Milko van Winden
Head of Content @Pokercode

For some, the final SCOOP Sunday might be the biggest weekend of the year regarding online poker (for some it’s not). In recent years this Sunday got even bigger with other operators jumping in with even bigger tournaments. The biggest of them all happening this Sunday on Pokercode by GGPoker - the $1,500 Main Event of the GG Spring Festival with an incredible $10,000,000 guaranteed. Yes, it’s 7 zeroes. TEN MILLION DOLLARS!

GGSF Main Event

The $1,500 NLHE GG Spring Festival Main Event is a multi-flight tournament with only 13 flights remaining until Day 2 kicks-off at 10:05 pm CET on Sunday, April 25th. There are already 3,206 entries made in the event but they will need another 3,811 to reach that incredible $10 million guarantee.

Players still looking to qualify for Day 2 have several different options with regular speed flights with 12-minute levels and turbo flights with 6-minute levels remaining on the schedule. There’s a  final ‘last chance’ flight starting at 7 pm CET with 6-minute levels. The starting stack is 100,000 (200bb) and in order to make Day 2 and still be in the running for some of that sweet prize money, you’ll need to survive 20 levels on Day 1, with the final level being 8,000/16,000. The first 15-minute level of Day 2 is 10,000/20,000.

Fedor's poker setup

More GGSF Action

The $1,500 NLHE Main Event of the GGSF is not the only big tournament still happening on the closing Sunday of the festival. There’s the $1,500 PLO-NL Main Event featuring a $2,000,000 guarantee, $1,050 High Rollers Main Event with $1,000,000 guaranteed, the $10,300 Super MILLION$ with $3,000,000 guaranteed, and the big boy that is the $25,500 Sunday Millions with $3,000,000 guaranteed.

If you don’t have an account on Pokercode by GGPoker yet then sign up here!

How to Prepare?

So you are getting ready for one of the biggest online poker tournaments of the year, but how do you prepare for a tournament of this magnitude? Pokercode Founder Fedor Holz knows exactly what works for him. “The success of tomorrow is going to depend on how you behave today. It’s having a good sleep, eating healthy, going outside, seeing that sunshine, getting in that exercise, treating yourself well, being in a good state of mind. That’s going to make the difference tomorrow if you’re going to be successful or not. What are these things for you that make you feel good and you enjoy? So that tomorrow when you start, that you’re ready to play your best and do well.”

Simon outside for a walk

Going outside in the sunshine is something Simon ‘IgorKarkarof’ Rønnow also does, but not in the way he used to back in the day. “I remember from the past that I was more strict than what I should do on bigger Sundays. Being active, getting some exercise or fitness done, doing some studying, doing some meditation. That was a must before I could start, but now I’m not as strict as I was before. When you are going to sit in front of the computer for a lot of hours, you have to be empty in your mind. The best way for me is to go for a walk and get some sunshine, to do something active at least. At the same time it’s just another Sunday like any other session. If you’re treating it differently you might start making mistakes you normally wouldn’t.”

Preparation wise, Simon doesn’t advise you to think about the session in a different way, but if you are going for a shot in a tournament slightly bigger than what you’re used to, then you might want to consider adapting to it while playing. “Because it’s a bigger Sunday you might take some shots, so don’t just register your regular schedule if you do. Adapt your schedule to those bigger tournaments with bigger fields that you are playing. It’s important to concentrate on the most important events and pick those out before you’re going to start the session. And then just enjoy it, it’s fun! But at the same time it’s just another Sunday.”

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