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Vote on Steffen Sontheimer's Next Coaching Session
Hill Kerby
Writer @Pokercode

This upcoming week will feature two Pokercode Coaching sessions on Wednesday, July 28 and Friday, July 30. Keep reading and be sure to mark these events onto your calendar.

Wednesday, July 28 – Steffen Sontheimer Coaching

Pokercode’s newest Cash Game Head Coach, Steffen Sontheimer will be running his monthly “Community Choice” coaching session on Wednesday, July 28 at 3 p.m. CET. As per the theme of the session, the topic will be determined by none other than the Pokercode Community!

Voting will open on Sunday with a short timeframe, so be sure to stay active in the Community Slack channel and on the lookout for announcements regarding final details, voting options, and any other pertinent information.

We are very excited for this session and hope you are as well – Steffen has recently joined Pokercode Head Coach Simon “IgorKarkarof” Rønnøw for a pair of sessions focused on Deepstacked Early MTT strategy and a live, real-time cash session that involves discussions between the two.

Of course, Steffen has set the bar high every step of his career, and next week’s session should be sure to deliver.

Friday, July 30 – Curtis Coaching Session

Pokercode Community Coach Curtis Knight is back at it Friday evening, July 30 at 6 p.m. CET for another community coaching session. This time around, he will be reviewing a member’s hand history alongside the Community in order to identify leaks and potential areas of improvement in tournament poker, from start to finish.

Curtis is one of our most active coaches and his sessions always bring relatable topics and discussion for all involved. He’s recently spoken on vital aspects of the poker grind, whether on a professional or recreational level, such as improving study habits, bounty tournament strategy, and dissecting various board textures – the list goes on and on.

If you aren’t familiar with Curtis or his training sessions yet, then you should absolutely make time next Friday to both join the session and get involved within our community! Who knows, just might find even more value within Pokercode than you already knew about.

More Sessions and Other Happenings on the Horizon

August is fast approaching, bringing with it a slew of exciting happenings in the poker world. Of course, Sunday, August 1st marks the beginning of the 2021 WSOP at Pokercode Powered by GGPoker. If you missed it, we recently made an announcement on the regard; and even better, the full schedule was recently released and features buy-ins ranging from $50 to $25,000.

Of course, an upcoming August Community Coaching schedule will also be coming out shortly, so be on the lookout for dates and sessions to add to your calendar. And with that being said, if you are a member of our Community and have questions, comments, ideas, or suggestions, please let us know via our Community Slack channel. We are committed to our members’ growth not only as poker players, but also as individuals, and are here to help any way we can.

We also will be making an official statement regarding Grindhouse 2.0 in the near future, as well as one other HUGE announcement that we cannot wait to share with you. Hope to see you at the tables!

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