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All You Need to Know About Fedor vs. 'Iimitless'
Milko van Winden
Head of Content @Pokercode

Wiktor 'Iimitless' Malinowski challenged the high stakes poker community when he appeared on Joe Ingram's podcast in August 2020, but in particular he challenged Fedor Holz. "I can also offer playing drunk. I can drink on the stream, drink a full bottle of wine and I can play Fedor heads-up for any stakes he wants."

Well, pour one out and get ready Mr. Whiskey Malinowski! Starting March 5th, 7 pm CET, the two will battle it out playing 4 sessions, one-tabling $100/$200, while video calling each other and this blog post contains all the information you need to enjoy the battle of the giants from the comfort of your home.

The facts:

👥: Fedor ‘CrownUpGuy’ Holz vs. Wiktor ‘Iimitless’ Malinowski

💲: High Stakes heads-up poker, drinking, needling

📅: March 5th - 7 pm CET

🗺️: GGPoker.tv

❓: “Because I can’t wait to take this guy’s money” - Fedor Holz, 2021

Who is ‘Iimitless’?

Wiktor Malinowski is a Polish professional poker player born on August 2nd, 1994, and he rose to fame under the nickname ‘Iimitless’. The 26-year old started playing around 2014 and it didn’t take long for the ex-handball player to rise to the highest stakes online.

According to Highstakesdb, Malinowski managed to profit about $350,000 over the first 1,5 years of playing high stakes online between 2016 and 2018. But it was the year 2020 where the Polish crusher really put himself in the spotlight by winning the largest recorded online cash game pot. In August 2020 Malinowski managed to win an $849,438 pot against Michael Addamo to snatch the 12-year old record from Di Dang who won a $723,938 pot against Tom Dwan in 2008.

Malinowski’s record was short-lived when Ali Imsirovic won a $974,631 pot only days later, but ‘Iimitless’ wasn’t done leaving his mark on the high stakes poker world. To show his dominance Malinowski played a big pot weeks later holding the infamous 72. He managed to take down a pot worth $500,146 with the worst possible starting hand in No-Limit Hold’em and nobody would ever question again who this man is.

Wiktor 'Iimitless' Malinowski

Read here about why Fedor started out Pokercode.

The history between Fedor & ‘Iimitless’

Right in the middle of the intense high-stakes battles that Malinowski was having, Run It Once Poker issued a heads-up challenge dubbed the ‘Legends Showdown’ with players like Kevin Rabichow, ‘Makeboifin’, and our own Fedor Holz on the line-up. Malinowski was set to play in this tournament-style heads-up cash game format as well but decided at the last moment that the stakes were too small for him with the action he could get elsewhere.

A day before the ‘Legends Showdown’ started, ‘Iimitless’ appeared on Joe Ingram’s podcast.

“I’ll happily play the winner of the challenge for bigger stakes. Any stakes he wants I can play. I can also offer playing drunk. I can drink on the stream, drink a full bottle of wine and I can play Fedor heads-up for any stakes he wants. It’s actually a deal, I’m not going to back off.”

After a month without a reply, Malinowski took to Twitter where he further issued the challenge to Fedor.

Now fast forward to February 24th. While Malinowski was having intense heads-up battles against the Russian Stefan ‘Stefan11222’ Burakov, Fedor reached out to Malinowski.

It only took the Polish crusher two days to reply and they agreed on the terms. It’s going down!

When, Where, and How?

So the questions that remained were: when does this happen, where does this happen, and how does it happen. Well, it’s happening sooner than you might think. The two have decided to spread it out over 4 sessions, with the first one happening as early as this Friday, March 5th, at 7 pm CET. They will play one table of $100/$200 with both starting with $20,000 in front of them. To add an extra element to the match they will be video calling each other, which promises some fireworks given the messages they sent each other before the match.

All of this will be streamed on GGpoker.tv on a 30-minute delay with cards-up!

They are planned to play a minimum of 400 hands and they will do the same on Monday March 8th, Wednesday March 10th, and Saturday March 13th.

Our money is on Fedor, but if you want to bet yourself you can do so in the Pokercode by GGPoker client with odds provided by Pokershares. Register here if you don’t have an account yet!

All information on the Fedor vs. 'Iimitless' match can be found here.

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