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Grindhouse Players

Player's bio:

Mario "Mosi" Mosböck is playing poker since his teens. Grinding his way up from zero back in the Fulltilt Days, Mario has always strived to live the lifestyle of a poker pro. Dragging his ambitions as a professional football player over to the poker industry has made him a top player from Austria. Mario is Day1 Pokercode Member, Community Coach and one of the leaders of the Grindhouse Group.

Player's bio:

Nemi is a talented football and poker player and has been following his passion for NLHE since 2017. Starting back in the days with home games and the regular visit to "CCC Lugner City", Nemi has soon desired to approach the game more professionally. Joining Team Pokercode as well as the Grindhouse is his ultimate commitment to become pro.

Player's bio:

Fuchsl is the "oldie" in Team Grindhouse. Fuchsl has already lived the life of a poker pro for three years after his fantastic Colossus Run in Rozvadov back in October 2017. The Pokercode provides the chance for him to get back in shape and redevelop his passion for the game, alongside sharpening his skills in order to succeed over years to come.

Player's bio:

Gaugi is Nemi's childhood friend and shares the same story. Gaugi is an extremely funny guy, the soul and heart of the Grindhouse gang, extremely passionate about the game and has managed to ramp up his bankroll from €3k to €8k within months since joining Team Pokercode early 2020.

Player's bio:

Mattinho is a passionate football and poker player. Being together in a friends group and football team with Gaugi and Nemi, Mattinho has joined Team Pokercode soon after developing his passion for poker. Mattinho has never looked back ever since and wants to get closer to becoming a full time pro through the Grindhouse.

"RokiRo 3"
Player's bio:

Roli is currently the most successful player out of all Grindhouse boys. He has been living the life of a full time pro since mid 2019, marking tremendous success in the live and online circuit. Roli is a Day1 Team Pokercode Member and the 2nd Community Coach alongside Mario. Roli is one of the most skilled players in the group, acting as a role model for the others.

Player's bio:

Fabi is an avid poker player from the same hometown, Purkersdorf near Vienna, Austria, as Mattinho, Gaugi and Nemi. Fabi is living the life of a full time pro currently and trying to climb up stakes. Playing an avg BI of around 40$ means he is currently in a similar stage as Nemi, Gaugi and Mattinho.

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