Grindhouse 2 Application

What’s included?

  • 8 Coaching Sessions with Pokercode Coaches
  • 15-Day trip (Aug 28th - Sep 12th)
  • Database Review with Matthias Eibinger
  • 3 Months ODIN Access
  • Beautiful Austrian Mountain House
  • Pokercode Festival Main Event seat (€550)
  • VIP Stay in Bratislava on Pokercode Festival, inc. Players Party access
  • Personal Chef

Buy Grindhouse 2 Seat

€5,500 Package
€4,500 for Pokercode Members
Sign up for the Pokercode Grindhouse 2 and kickstart your professional poker career with guidance from the best poker players in the world.
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Buying a seat makes you most likely joining Grindhouse 2, although your application needs to be reviewed & accepted by Fedor Holz.

Apply for Scholarship

50% off (€2,250)
If you are the perfect fit for Pokercode Grindhouse 2 you can apply for the Grindhouse Scholarship. We cover 50% of the costs. Fedor will personally select those eligible to join the Grindhouse 2 experience.
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Expect to be one of the hundreds of Pokercode Scholarship applicants. Fedor Holz will choose only few best candidates.

*= In order to maintain a high-quality group of poker players with the right mindset, Fedor will go through applications one by one. Reserving your seat doesn't mean you are guaranteed to have a spot in Grindhouse 2. We select those that fit our vision and mission.