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Tobias 'Tobsen_TE9' Eichenseher Wins $139k in GGPoker WSOP Event

Kyle McCague

Pokercode Stream Team member Tobias 'TOBSEN_TE9' Eichenseher finished 2nd in the $800 Spring Deepstack Championship for $139,000. He ultimately couldn’t win the heads-up against tournament veteran Joao 'Naza114' Vieira who took home the first-place prize of $185,000 and the Gold WSOP Circuit Ring.

You still have the opportunity to win a WSOP Ring online at GGPoker as part of the WSOP Spring Circuit Event.

Tough Competition on Day 2

Tobias came into Day 2 with a 46BB stack which sat him in 11th of the remaining 38 players vying for the ring and the first-place prize of $185,000!

Among the returning players there were a couple familiar faces. Anatoly Filatov, GGPoker Streamer Kevin Martin, and tournament crusher and WSOP Bracelet winner Joao 'Naza114' Vieira all were still in the race to take home the trophy.

Final Table

Tobias reached the Final Table holding an immense chip lead having over 100 big blinds in front of him. Israel’s 'itayalenbi' sat in 2nd with 82 big blinds and Brazil’s 'PrinceHamed' sat in 3rd with 69 big blinds.

Of the three other big-name pros who made day 3, two of them made it to the Final Table alongside Tobias. Anatoly Filatov was battling with a 33BB stack while Joao Vieira had a bit more to work with playing 62 big blinds. When the final table seat selection was complete, Tobias managed to have position on both of them!

Final Table of WSOP Circuit Series GGPoker

Tobias Rumbles with Anatoly Filatov

The first big hand Tobias got involved with saw him raising A♦️T♥️ from early position with Anatoly Filatov calling out of the small blind. The flop fell T♦️6♠️5♥️ and Anatoly checked to Tobias who continued with another bet. Anatoly check-raised our Stream Team member and Tobias decided to get the chips in the middle.

Anatoly called and tabled J♠️J♣️ which was bad news for Tobias. The hand ran out with the 4♣️ on the turn, and the immensely important A♠️ on the river to give Tobias the best hand and eliminate Anatoly.

Heads up with Joao Vieira for the Title

Play continued until 'DAVIABANKROLL' moved all in with a set of kings against the aces of Joao Vieira. Again, an ace on the river ruined the party for 'DAVIABANKROLL' who had to bow out in 3rd place.

There was a ton of money left to play for, but because it was a WSOP Ring event the difference between second and first was even bigger than the $45,000 pay jump.

Every circuit winner was also guaranteed:

  • Invitation to the Tournament of Champions a $1,000,000 FREEROLL
  • $1,500 Entry to the Millionaire Maker at this year's WSOP
  • Platinum Lounge Access at the Paris Las Vegas hotel & casino during the 2022 WSOP
  • Caesars Rewards Diamond Status
  • GGPoker Team Champion Status
  • Special GGPoker Ring Badge within the GGPoker Client

Both players started heads up with similar chip stacks. Tobias had 96BB and Joao 82BB. After about 20 minutes of battling, the pivotal hand occurred:

Joao opened from the button with J♣️9♦️ and Tobias called holding 7♥️4♣️. The flop came down T♠️8♥️4♠️ and both players opted to check. The 7♦️ on the turn proved to be an action card giving Tobias two pair, but Joao the better hand with a straight. Tobias decided to check-raise and Joao only called. The 2♠️ on the river completed the flush draw on the board and Tobias check-called a big bet of Joao that left him short-stacked against his experienced opponent.

Unfortunately, Tobias couldn't recover, and after what was an epic battle, heads up with a veteran of the tournament streets had to settle for second place.

$140K is a nice consolation prize, though, and judging by Tobias' message on the Pokercode Discord Server, he was ecstatic about his deep run and judging by the emojis flying around the community were right behind him!

Catching up with Tobias

I actually managed to grab a quick 5 minutes with Tobias to briefly chat about how he was feeling, and have included a few snippets below!

During the game, I tried to stay as calm and focused as possible to be able to show my best performance. After the tournament was over and I saw this huge score on the screen it was the best feeling I have ever felt.
The only thing better than almost winning the tournament was having over 900 spectators and the entire pokercode community on the rail. That made the day perfect!Through all the pokercode coaching sessions and the exchange with many other pokercode members I was very well prepared for this deep run and I am just overjoyed about this result. The only way is up!

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