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Team Pokercode Stocked the Trophy Cabinet in October

Adam Johnson
Community Success Manager

October is in the books and the Pokercode community have continued to impress on the online stage. Last month was all about our past Grindhouse and Stream Team members, with titles being collected across the board. But, who stole the show?

Q_Poker Bags a 5-figure Score

Stream Team member Quirin ‘Q_Poker’ Heinz kicked off the month in impressive fashion by winning the Daily Main Event on GG Poker for $10,500. The German poker player and streamer has been making huge strides in the game and his hard work is clearly paying off.

Quirin wasn’t finished there as he went on to collect a couple more four-figure scores on GG Poker throughout the month, finishing 2nd in the Fifty Stack for $2,800 and 4th in the Bounty Blast-Off for $1,300. To top it all off and spread the success across different sites, he also finished runner-up in the Bounty Builder $22 on PokerStars for $1,430. Keep your eyes peeled for the rest of the year as I'm sure there’ll be more great results to come from Quirin.

team pokercode stocked the trophy cabinet in october

Charlie Chiu Hits a New Personal Best

Since Grindhouse 3 came to an end more than a month ago, all participants have been putting their learnings into practice, none more so than Charlie. After a grueling 15-hour Sunday grind, Charlie worked his way through a field of 1,657 participants and shipped the $55 PKO on ACR for his highest online score of $10,845. This new personal best score is no coincidence as he’s shown his dedication to the game since leaving the Grindhouse. Whilst some players would kick back and relax after winning such an event, Charlie instantly started reviewing some of the key hands from the tournament, which shows his passion for the game.

team pokercode stocked the trophy cabinet in october

‘Samu Sabu’ Keeps on Crushing

It wouldn’t be a monthly success blog without Grindhouse 3 and long-time community member Samuel ‘Samu’ Mullur showing up. He dominated the online felt throughout October, hitting three 4-figure scores on GG Poker.

The first score came on October 10th in the Sunday Marathon, as he topped a field of 2,233 to take home the title and $7,600. Despite not collecting any more trophies after that, he still reached some big final tables. He finished 5th in the $125 Sunday Kick-Off for $4,660 and 4th in the Bounty King Special Edition for $4,840.

Mullur shows no sign of slowing down and his recent appearance at the Grindhouse will no doubt take him to the next level.

team pokercode stocked the trophy cabinet in october

A Couple of Titles Each for Grindhouse 2 Members

One year on from their participation in Grindhouse 2, Simon ‘SimonLASnaps’ Langer and Sebastian ‘SebArino’ Schulze have been climbing the ranks in the poker world, making a name for themselves along the way.

At the start of the month, both of them came out of the traps firing and collected trophies within the first week. Simon came 1st in the Tuesday Saver on GG Poker for $3,160, whilst Sebastian took home a title on Winamax for €4,125. There’s no greater feeling than winning a poker tournament, which is why the guys weren’t satisfied with just the one trophy and had to go and collect some more.

Ten days later, Simon won the $105 Bounty Hunters Deepstack on GG Poker for $2,140 and Sebastian closed out on the month with another win on Winamax in the Top €50 for €2,600.

team pokercode stocked the trophy cabinet in october

Fabi Gets Himself a Gold Ring

A lot of people playing on GGPoker are chasing the illustrious gold ring and the chase finally came to a conclusion for Grindhouse 3 member Fabian ‘Taurus97’ Niederreiter. It happened in the GGMasters Bounty Turbo Special Edition $25 for Fabian when he finished in first place leaving behind 1,394 other players. It bagged him the first-place prize of $1,370 and another $1,750 in bounty prizes.

This likely won’t be the only accomplishment Fabi will achieve as we expect some big things from the Grindhouse 3 participant.

Adam Johnson Joins Fabi In the Gold Ring Gang

Writing about your own success can feel pretty weird, so this is Pokercode’s Head of Digital Media jumping in.

Fabi wasn’t the only player securing a nice gold ring around his GGPoker avatar, as the writer of this blog, Adam Johnson, managed to get one for himself! The community veteran and Community Success Manager at Pokercode battled it out on the GGPoker online felt in the GGMasters Asia $25. The field was slightly smaller than Fabi’s but after ending on top of the 967-player field Adam bagged an impressive $3,145.

Congrats Adam!

team pokercode stocked the trophy cabinet in October

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