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Work On Your Game With Pokercode in September

Milko van Winden
Head of Digital Media @ Pokercode

There are 11 live coaching sessions lined up for September. Steffen Sontheimer is back for 2 sessions, just like MammothTheGr8 and ‘Phemo’. Fedor Holz will go into playing single raised pots out of position, while Matthias Eibinger hosts the public session where he reviews hands from Triton. Curtis Knight starts it all off on September 1st with his first of three sessions.

Work on Your Game With Pokercode in September

Steffen Sontheimer Is Back

Curtis Knight follows up on ‘Phemo’ his last coaching session in August right when the month starts. Followed by a session on squeezing by MammothTheGr8 and another session of Curtis it’s a familiar face back on the coaching roster for this month. Steffen Sontheimer is back for not just one, but two coaching sessions in September. His first session is on September 9th where he sits down with the Pokercode community for a relaxing session, while for his second session he leaves the topic up to the community so get in the Discord Server if you want to influence the coaching topic!

‘Phemo’ also provides two coaching sessions, squeezing his first one in between Steffen’s sessions. While he focuses for both of his sessions on playing in position vs the big blind in a single raised pot, Fedor Holz will focus on playing out of position in single raised pots.

While Grindhouse is starting September 9th and finishing September 19th, there will be plenty of hands to review with the participants. Curtis is inviting a Grindhouse 3 member to join him during his September 23rd session and review a final table.

Work on your game with pokercode in September

Matthias free session

Matthias Eibinger is the coach providing the FREE-to-access live coaching session on Twitch. The leader of the all-time money list in Austria is reviewing Triton poker hands, which could come in handy since he’ll be traveling to the Triton Poker Super High Roller series in Cyprus early in September.

Home Game

After the session we will host a public home game where you can win your way into the Pokercode community, with prizes up for grabs that include memberships and Pokercode store vouchers, there’s no reason not to play it!

Work on your game with Pokercode in September


Do you want to test your poker skills? Play this quiz and figure out where you stand. Fedor Holz and the other Pokercode coaches carefully curated the questions that make up the ultimate quiz to test your poker know-how.

Answer questions on positions, ranges, and a plethora of different topics so you know where you can plug the most leaks and what you need to work hardest on.

Play the quiz!

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