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Pokercode Cash is Here

Martijn Kingma

The moment we have all been waiting for is here: Pokercode Cash is Live! Cash game coach Steffen 'Go0se.core!' Sontheimer has some amazing content going out right now at the launch! There are many more videos to come with weekly uploads to the platform. He explains what we can expect now that the content is live and we talk to an exciting Fedor Holz.

Pokercode Cash is the newest addition to the Pokercode study platform. Everything will be included in the same Pokercode membership that we offer now, so double the value, same price! Be in direct contact with our coaches and other like-minded students to improve your game. For the same price, you get access to everything we have to offer. The platform will be updated with weekly new cash game and tournament content, exclusive to Pokercode students.

What can we expect from Steffen?

Pokercode Cash isn't a course. It's far from it. Steffen himself explained it in more detail. “The content section is actually split up into two big parts: the first part is General Concepts, where I talk about things and explain things that can be applied in lots of different poker spots. Then there will be the Training Ground where I look at very, very specific spots. For example: how to choose the right flop sizing in a single raised pot in position. For the start, we’ll have a little introduction to how everything works and then the first concepts. Around nine videos about General Concepts, how to approach the game, how to think about bet sizes is another big one.”

But that's not all that's being taught by 'Go0se'. “Regarding the specific spots in the Training Ground that will be there from the start: they will be all in the same structure actually. So we will be talking for each spot about the specific fundamentals of that spot. What is right in theory, we will talk about potential exploits that I’m applying right now and that will be followed up by either a live play or a review when that spot is not that common. So how people can really see how I’m implementing the strategy, the theory in my game how I am actually executing it at the tables.”

With weekly new content, including live coaching sessions, it's a unique spot to be in as a student as you have a say in what will be talked about by Steffen.

Fedor on Pokercode Cash

“I’m really excited about Pokercode Cash because Steffen is one of the best coaches and one of the best cash game players in the game”, Fedor starts. “He is really great at explaining. Also, we're bringing more value to our community to people learning with us and all the ones who want to get better. I think we just make Pokercode even greater, with an even greater community. So that part I’m very excited about. Also about working with Steffen as our cash game head coach. It will not be the typical course but it will be accompanying people and the Pokercode community on their journey to grow and becoming better players. And accompanying on their personal growth as well, so I’m really excited about that, looking forward. It’s gonna be amazing!”

Discount on Pokercode membership

So if you're not a Pokercode member yet, this is your time to take one! It will cost you less than usually since we extended the discount on the Pokercode membership. This will be on our three months and twelve months subscriptions.

The three months subscription is available for only €199 with the twelve-month plan at €649 being 40% cheaper than a monthly subscription! Subscribe to our platform, learn from and with the best and receive guidance from our elite team of coaches!

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