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Stefan ‘BoBomb14’ Nemetz wins ACR Venom for $782,062!

Kyle McCague

Stefan ‘BoBomb14’ Nemetz is crowned as the winner of ‘The Venom’ on America’s Cardroom. The Austrian poker player won an insane $782,062 while the not unfamiliar Mario ‘livinmydream’ Mosboeck had to settle for $230,790 for finishing in 7th place. ‘The Venom’ is one of the biggest online tournaments throughout the year and boasted a $10,000,000 guarantee for the first time in its existence.

Stefan Nemetz wins ACR Venom
Stefan Nemetz wins ACR Venom

Let’s Make A Deal

The tournament started with all players making a deal. The pay jumps at the final table were absolutely monstrous with all players guaranteed ‘just’ $75,000 with the original first-place prize at $1,180,000. Before play started everyone agreed on taking 50% of their initial ICM value while playing for the other 50%.

Cards went in the air with Mario in 7th place on the leaderboard, but all to play for having 40 big blinds. Stefan Nemetz wasn’t very far away starting the day with 42 big blinds. It took approximately 15 minutes for the first player to be eliminated when ‘KyleJF’ ran with ace-king suited into the pocket aces of Stefan who propelled into second place.

Mario Bows Out In Seventh ($230,790)

Mario slowly moved to the bottom of the leaderboard with not much happening over the next hour and blinds going up. ‘ImHereToFold’ opened the action from the hijack with pocket kings and Mario, unfortunately, woke up in the big blind with pocket eights. His final 13 big blinds went to the middle of the table and the dream, unfortunately, ended for Mario ‘livinmydream’ Mosboeck when he couldn’t spike the 8.

Chris Moorman, Michael Loncar & Justin Kelly see Mario's pocket 8's unable to beat the pocket kings of 'ImHereToFold'
Chris Moorman, Michael Loncar & Justin Kelly see Mario's pocket 8's unable to beat the pocket kings of 'ImHereToFold'

Stefan pushing through

Stefan managed to maintain a great position at the table and his stack kept increasing the longer it went on. With the other competitors being eliminated one-by-one and eliminating the 3rd-place finisher himself winning with ace-jack against ace-ten, he found himself playing heads-up for the title against the start-of-day chip leader ‘100kunderrisk’.

The heads-up match lasted close to an hour while Stefan’s stack kept growing and growing. In the final hand, he saw his opponent flop top pair while he flopped a flush draw. Most of the money went in on the turn and Stefan managed to bink the flush on the river to take the tournament down for a total of $590,000 plus the $192,062 that was part of the ICM-deal.

Chris Moorman, Michael Loncar & Justin Kelly see Stefan secure the win in the ACR Venom
Chris Moorman, Michael Loncar & Justin Kelly see Stefan secure the win!

Original Grindhouse Members Having Success

The last time we posted about Stefen ‘Nemi’ Nemeth he was enjoying the Austrian Summer and working towards his degree. Nemi as he’s widely known has been a long time community member of Pokercode and was a part of the original Grindhouse. Making the final table together with Mario Mosboeck now meant there were 3 members reaching the Venom final table. Rolan Rokita finished 7th in the Venom in May last year.

Pokercode Grindhouse poker pro & poker coaches
The Original Pokercode Grindhouse

When we last caught up with Nemi, his primary goal was to keep improving at the game of poker. He doesn’t think money-related goals make sense, in his opinion “you can ship any tournament or go on a huge sun-run, and then you have a $300K bankroll.” So making goals to always seek improvement just make sense, aligning with the Pokercode mantra of striving to be better poker players whilst always pushing to improve as people.

Whilst Nemi’s goal has never been money, we imagine the win has been a fantastic boost to his bankroll that he will put to good use!

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