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Play Poker Against Fedor! Pokercode Home Game on Club GG

Kyle McCague

It’s not often you can get the chance to battle against Pokercode Founder Fedor Holz, especially without putting up a pretty decent sized buy-in with the majority of his play being at High Stakes.

We’re giving you the chance to play poker against Fedor for free! Only through Pokercode on Club GG!

How to register

Similar to our community home game, you can sign up for free. Anyone can play, but names need to be registered in discord to win a prize!

  1. Sign up for ClubGG
  2. Join Club 970951
  3. Register Freeroll
  4. (Optional) Drop Nickname in Discord to win! (It’s free after registration!)


We’ve got some sick prizes up for grabs for those who reach the final table and a nice bounty if you’re able to knock out Fedor!

Final Table

1st - 3 Month Pokercode Membership

2nd & 3rd - 1 Month Pokercode Membership

4th, 5th & 6th - 30€ Voucher for our Merchandise Store

7th & 8th - 20€ Voucher for our Merchandise Store


KO Fedor - 1 Month Team Pokercode for Non-Members or a Pokercode Hoodie if you’re already a member of the Pokercode Community!

Live Chat & Twitch Streams!

Since this is a community event, it wouldn’t be complete without the opportunity to throw some jabs, so we will, of course, be running some live-chat channels on our discord server and having a few community members streaming the event on Twitch!

Free Account

To make the most of this opportunity, sign up for a free account at Pokercode, where you will benefit from:

  • Access to a list of curated study content, including Fedor’s & Steffen’s best videos
  • Participate in our free public coaching with Fedor Holz and other coaches!
  • An inside look at how the Pokercode community studies

Sign up now, and don’t miss out!

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