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New Personal Records And A First Live Victory - Community Scores
Milko van Winden
Head of Digital Media @ Pokercode

Every month we recap the biggest and best results of our community, and we had a couple of big ones during May! From one of our coaches taking home $430,000, to a community member entering, AND WINNING his first Pot Limit Omaha tournament. Read up on the community scores of the Pokercode community!

Stream Team Member Tobsen Starts With Fire

Tobias ‘Tobsen_TE9’ Eichenseher recently made Day 3 of the $1,050 SCOOP Main Event, but ultimately had to bow out in 57th place for $5,500. Luckily for Tobi, it weren’t his only scores of the month as he had some good scores right out of the gate.

On May 6th the young German managed to lock up a victory in the $105 Bounty Hunters Special for a combined $4,250 while also barely missing out on the final table of the $150 Friday Night Fight, finishing in 11th for $1,600. A mere 18 hours later ‘Tobsen_TE9’ claimed the crown in the $125 Daily Deepstack, adding another $3,900 to the bank. GG Tobi!

Tobsen started the month off with a bang

Fedor Holz Back On The Online Felt

As much as Fedor Holz is ‘retired’ after the summer of 2016, he still managed to rack up close to $15 million in live tournament earnings since then. The Pokercode founder and CEO showed in September 2020 that he still has it on the online felt as well, claiming his second WSOP bracelet winning the $25,000 heads-up tournament of the online 2021 WSOP held on GGPoker.

His most recent performance on the online felt happend on GGPoker as well when he reached Day 2 of the $10,300 Super MILLION$ on May 14th. You can check out the Day 1 highlights on our YouTube channel.

Fedor tried to make a run for the first-place prize of $558,000. As soon as Fedor reached the heads-up part of the tournament against he was up against a tough and experienced opponent in Artur Martirosian. The heads-up went the Russian’s way and Fedor had to settle for $430,000.

Check out Fedor’s recent trip to the Triton Super High Roller Series in Madrid, Spain.

Personal Bests For ‘Funchampion’ & ‘Samu Sabu’

Having set a personal best score of $14,000 in November 2021, a new record felt far away for Pokercode community member ‘Funchampion’. Little did they know it was going to come sooner than they thought, and it was likely bigger than expected. They added an impressive $40,500 to their bankroll when finishing 3rd in a big multi-day event.

They weren’t the only community member with a new record as ‘Samu Sabu’ did the same, as well after finishing 3rd in an online event. The Pudgy Penguin avatar posted in the Pokercode Discord channel a solid 3rd-place finish in the $250 Saturday Superstack, leaving well over 1,000 opponents behind them. The The score gave ‘Samu Sabu’ a nice bankroll boost of $20,500.

Alex ‘Vitrix’ Baier Wins First Live Trophy

Alex Baier is better known in the Pokercode community as ‘Vitrix’. The young German player was living the dream when he won a free Pokercode subscription which he then managed to parlay into a package for the 2021 Pokercode Festival in Bratislava. Baier reached the final table as chip leader, but had to settle for 3rd place and €11,950. Not bad for a freeroll!

But a trophy wasn’t won and Baier was still chasing it. When 2 cards didn’t do the trick he resorted to the wonderful game of Pot Limit Omaha and doubled his chances with 4 cards. Ultimately that seemed to do the trick as he ended on top of the charts with a trophy in hand when all was said and done.

Photo: Tomas Stacha / Rational Intellectual Holdings Ltd

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