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It’s Raining 2nd Places - July Community Scores

Milko van Winden
Head of Digital Media @ Pokercode

July is wrapped up and plenty of scores were shared in the Pokercode community. Grindhouse 3 participants are fuelled with motivation and the Stream Team put up consistent results throughout the month, but they could use a heads-up lesson or two from Fedor Holz!

A Month Of 2nd Places For Tobias ‘Tobsen_TE9’ Eichenseher

Pokercode stream team member Tobias ‘Tobsen_TE9’ Eichenseher had a very successful month on the online felt in July. The young German poker player started it off during the first Sunday of the month with a 7th-place finish in the $1,050 GGMasters High Roller worth $21,500 but that was far from it for Tobi.

Skip ahead one week and Tobi locked up another 5-figure score on ACR when he chopped heads-up for $12,400, noting his first 2nd-place finish of the month. Another 2nd-place happened in the €525 Bounty Hunters High Roller Malta in which he collected €11,600. To round it out for July Eichenseher also finished in 2nd in the Bounty Hunters Big Game $210 on GGPoker where he collected another $7,600.

Jan ‘HansiWurst’ Wagner & Quirin ‘Q_Poker’ Heinz Follow Suit

Tobsen wasn’t the only Stream Team member with a 2nd place finish in July. While having a duo stream with Jan ‘HansiWurst’ Wagner Tobi finished 2nd in the €525 Malta HR while Wagner was battling in the €99 Knights of the Nine. In solidarity with Tobsen he clinched the 2nd place and saw his bankroll increase with €7,400.

Quirin ‘Q_Poker’ Heinz took 2nd place in the Tuesday Classic $150, also securing a 5-figure score as the silver position was worth $10,400. All stream team members showed they know how they make a deep run, but it might be time for some heads-up lessons, don’t you think?

Hansi got some redemption, however, during his own event in Grand Casino Liechtenstein. Wagner managed to win the Mystery Bounty event after a heads-up chop with Samuel Mullur for €1,900.

Grindhouse 3’s ‘Funchampion’ & ‘Samu’ Score Consistently

Earlier this month both Samuel ‘Samu’ Mullur and Bhushan ‘Funchampion’ Sohani got the news that they were selected for Grindhouse 3 and it seemingly fuelled them with motivation to crush the online tournaments. Sohani, an Indian resident, finished in 2nd in the $140 Sunday Superstack on Spartan Poker for $6,800. Later in July he also clinched a victory when he took first place in the $70 Armageddon for $4,300.

Muller took consistency to another level noting down scores throughout the month. The month started with a victory in a $22 NLHE event on PokerStars worth $7,400 but it turned out to only be the start. Mullur continued in July to finish 4th in the $30 Sunday Marathon for $3,200, 8th in the $109 ACR anniversary event for $6,400, 1st in a $31,50 BH Deepstack Turbo for $2,300, another first in the $84 BH Special for $4,500, a 2nd place in the same tournament a day later for $2,500, and another 4th place finish in an €88 Battle of Malta side event on GGPoker for €2,300.

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