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Interview with Tobi: Navigating the Poker(code) Journey

Norbert Szabo
Social Media & Email Marketing Manager

It might be another day at grinding and in that field you will likely to find one of Pokercode's vey own Tobi. For most of you we don't have to introduce him however if you don't know him from Grindhouse 3 make sure to read earlier updates of his journey here or watch his YouTube episode.

Congratulations on your recent win of 21k! Does it still feel special for you, or has success like this become part of your daily routine?

"Thank you! Absolutely, every win is special and significant to me. I have numerous goals and aspirations, and each achievement is a step towards reaching them. The only way is up!"

You've had quite a journey over the past years, from being a low-stakes player during the streamhouse days to Grindhouse 3 about a year ago. Can you share how you perceive your poker story so far?

"I’d consider my poker journey very fortunate so far, largely due to the incredible people I've connected with through Pokercode, Grindhouse, and my streams. It’s always easier to grow as a group... I'm quite happy with my progress so far, but the ultimate goal is still a ways ahead. I'll keep on studying rigorously, aiming to conquer high stakes in the future."

If you could offer advice to a young Tobi just starting in poker, what would that advice be?

"Be as self-reflected as possible, establish solid routines and habits, maintain focus on long-term goals, and surround yourself with people who help you achieve those goals."

Reflecting on your Grindhouse experience, how has your average buy-in and approach to the game evolved since GH3, and how connected are you with Fedor and the community at large?

"Being a part of Grindhouse was exceptional, both experiences were absolutely great! I’ve got to meet awesome people, spent unforgettable moments with them, and got lots of advice for my poker career...I'm still connected with Fedor and others, and regularly study with some members of the Grindhouse crew! We also do study sessions in the Pokercode community together. A meetup with the Grindhouse crew would be fantastic!"

Streaming was a significant part of your poker journey. Do you plan to return to streaming, or where can we catch up with you nowadays?

"Streaming isn't in my current plans. However, I do share highlights on Instagram at times. My primary focus now is on improving my game, and maintaining intense focus during grinding and studying to make it to the top one day."

Your living situation with your flatmates seems to have a positive impact on your progress as a player. How does their presence influence your growth and approach to poker?

"They have a lot of impact! Living with like-minded individuals is immensely beneficial, and I definitely do so. We study together, offer advice, motivate each other, and provide support during challenging times. I could bring up 100 things here, it’s very very important, and I am very thankful that I have great flatmates!"

Being a long-standing member of the Pokercode community, how do you perceive your connection to the community nowadays, and do you have any plans for live tournaments in the near future?

"I think the Pokercode community is special, I talked about this quite a lot with friends, and I never had this moment so far where I thought „oh I don’t like him, or hm he is weird or sth“, everyone is great. 

Also enjoyed the festivals a lot, I hope there will be more in the future.

And of course I enjoy my role as a community coach a lot and I hope I can help a lot of members and make them better players!

Regarding live tournaments, although I haven’t been the biggest fan of live poker, I’m open to experiencing more live events in the future. Most likely, you'll see me at the DPM in Kings Casino come February!"

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