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How to play Pocket Queens like a Cash Game Crusher

Kyle McCague

So this hand is taken from a video in our latest Youtube series “Inside The Mind of a HIGH STAKES Cash Game Pro” where Pokercode Coach and Cash Game Poker Pro Steffen Sontheimer tackles the 200nl zoom tables and shares his thought process together with you!

Cash Game Poker Pro Steffen Sontheimer
Pokercode Pro Steffen Sontheimer

Pocket Queens Preflop

The hand starts at the $200 Zoom tables over at Pokerstars with our Hero raising pocket queens (Q❤️Q♦️) from UTG 2.2x to $4.44 before the BTN raises it up to $14.

A consideration Steffen outlines is how often he wants to 4-bet his Queens here, there are a lot of dependancies Steffen runs through like how often is the opponent flatting Jacks & 10’s working within a polarised range where his 3-bets consist of more Pocket Aces or Pocket Kings vs “a more Linear range which means Pocket Aces, Pocket Kings through Ace King, Ace Queen, Pocket Jacks, Pocket Tens” where 4-betting becomes a better option.

Steffen decides to 4-bet to $45 with his opponent calling.

How to Play Pocket Queens
Villains Range vs Steffen's 4-bet based on outputs from Odin

The Flop

The Flop comes 2♣️J♦️4♦️, with Steffen remarking that he thinks we should be “betting a small sizing with our polarised range or even checking our pocket Jacks or pocket Aces here, enabling us to build a bigger range that can get it in on the turn easily”

Steffen decides to bet $45.13 here with the the villain deciding to Jam his AhKd for $155, Steffen explains that this isn’t too bad of a play as villain blocks pocket Aces & pocket Kings, has the backdoor straight & flush-draws whilst also unblocking the A♦️ which Steffen can be bluffing to stack off with if he had 4-bet hands like A♦️T♦️ or A♦️Q♦️. Steffen outlines that he’d need to look the hand up but given the villain had 29% equity Steffen laments that the play “wasn’t out this world”.

These are the 5 most memorable cash game hands ever played!

Turn & River

Since Steffen calls and with the board running out J♠️7♣️ our Hero and his Pocket Queens is able to hold and scoop up a $403 pot.

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