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How to connect your Discord Account

The Team Pokercode Discord Server is your interactive hub to connect to everything poker! 🎉

Get in touch with our coaches and other members, participate in live coachings, or gain access to exclusive content by finishing our Team Pokercode challenges!

By joining, you also ensure easy access to every news related to Team Pokercode, an easy way to participate in our home games, and even more offer to bring your game to the next level!

In order to ensure easy access to all channels, and an ongoing smooth experience, we kindly ask you connect your Discord Account to your Team Pokercode Discord account.

Step 1 - Get the Invite

Click the Community Button on https://app.pokercode.com/dashboard

Step 2 - Join the Server

Join the Team Pokercode Discord Server by clicking the orange button.

After clicking the button you’ll be redirected to new browser tab. Sign up or Log in to your Discord and join our Discord Server.

Step 3 to 6- Confirm you have joined the server

By authorising Team Pokercode to get access to the details above, you ensure an ongoing smooth experience of your journey. We e.g. lock/unlock member exclusive channels after sign-up automatically, or sometimes give you access to exclusive sessions for free accounts.

Step 7 - Enjoy the Team Pokercode Discord Server!

You’ve now successfully connected your accounts! Enjoy the Team Pokercode Discord Server, and make sure to introduce yourself and check out the different channels to enhance your experience!

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