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Community Success - June 2021

Milko van Winden
Head of Digital Media @ Pokercode

While a lot of the focus in June was on the announcement of Steffen Sontheimer as cash game head coach and the release of his study content, there were still plenty of MTT successes at the tables for Pokercode members.

Let’s take another look into the Pokercode Community’s #Succes-Celebration channel to dig up some gems from the past month.

Sunday Funday!?

Pokercode Grindhouse participant Stefan ‘Nemi’ Nemetz was the first to clock in at the tail end of his Sunday session. ‘Nemi’ was crowned champion of the €125 Highroller Funday on Winamax taking home an incredible €12,616 plus an additional €13,452 in bounties for a combined €26,068! What a score!

Stefan wasn’t the only one sharing his success in the early hours on Monday morning. Community member ‘artorollin’ simply used the words ‘bang bang’ and a screenshot to share his 3rd place finish in the $50 Global MILLION$ event on Pokercode by GGPoker. The tournament features a hefty $1 million guarantee and the Austrian Pokercode member managed to pocket $56,302 of that for an incredible return on investment.

It would be an incredible Sunday for the Pokercode community if it ended like that. But that wasn’t the case when Brazil’s ‘gremistaAK’ shared his Sunday session around 4 pm on the Monday after. Not only did he finish 6th in the $109 Bounty Builder Turbo Series for $16,464, but on top of that he followed in Roland Rokita’s footsteps as a $150 GGMasters champion, taking the crown and the $57,511 first-place prize.

The importance of mindset

Jascha joined Pokercode at a very early stage and is one of the community’s most active members. After winning the $84 Bounty Hunters Special on Pokercode by GGPoker he decided to share some words on why this particular one felt more satisfying than normal.

“I had some tough weeks. It's still not that easy for me to deal with these periods which I always struggled with. Therefore I started working with the A-Game Masterclass. Dealing with the situation at first glance it felt like I didn't manage to deal better with it than before, but when I reflected more deeply about it I realized that it isn't true. Since we are primed from birth to focus more on negative things it's all too easy to lose objectivity. Therefore the mindset of seeing the good things even in bad situations is so important to keep that objectivity and being able to see the progress. Even if it's not always that obvious to see and doesn't go as fast as we might want. An important "skill" as Elliot Roe likes to say here is to have patience. The fact that these small progressions are so difficult to recognize makes them the two big successes for me. Because it shows that it's not easy to progress at all and every step in the right direction is already great.”

Live Success For Jordan

Jordan Woodall managed to have success on the live felt. With live poker slowly but surely returning all over the globe he traveled to Rozvadov, Czech Republic, to battle it out in the €230 Dutch Classics Warm-Up Main Event. There was plenty of prize money to battle for as the tournament attracted 2,199 players to generate a prize pool of well over €400,000. Finishing first would award €67,965 and a €10,350 WSOPE Main Event ticket. Jordan slowly grinded himself up to the chip lead with seven players remaining. After 2 eliminations Jordan unfortunately was next to exit the tournament, finishing in 5th place, taking home an impressive €15,625.

Stream Team Represents

Raffael ‘Pferdinho’ Crose is one of Pokercode’s Stream Team members and during an afternoon session on June 21st, he managed to reach the final table of the $55 Daily Monster Stack on Pokercode by GGPoker. Despite making a “questionable hero fold with 6 left, some suckouts, and a cooler heads-up” he couldn’t complain after finishing in 2nd place out of 350 entries for an impressive $2,496.

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