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Cash Game Poker Coaching - GGPoker High Stakes Review

Kyle McCague

When he's not coaching our poker cash game community or battling in the streets, Pokercode Coach Steffen Sontheimer keeps tags on the high stakes poker action going on at the GGPoker tables.

This game looks to be built heavily around recreational player Sr12, with them seemingly excited to gamble and give everyone action. The rest of the table appears open to return the favour.

Small Pocket Pair battles Big Slick

$500/$1,000 6-max

Linus Loelinger AKA LinusLove opens in the cutoff to $2,000

Robert in the SB calls with 4❤️4♠️

Sr12 in the BB also calls with A♠️K♦️

Pot $6,800

Flop 4♦️5♦️9❤️

Robert (SB) checks

Sr12 (BB) bets $1,000

This bet doesn't make much sense with AK, especially having only decided to call preflop.

Linus folds from the CO

Robert (SB) raises to $8,100

Sr12 (BB) Calls


Turn 9♠️

Robert (SB) Checks

When Robert hits the full-house on the turn and knows that Sr12 is likely to be aggressive, he can hand him some metaphorical rope, knowing he is happy to get it in on any runout.

Sr12 (BB) bets $17,250

This bet throws Steffen. AK now apparently decides to go for it. Steffen explains that this is just "fancy play" and seems a poor decision.

Robert (SB) Raises to $34,500

River 7♦️

Robert (SB) bets his last $1,720 (1.72bb)

Sr12 (BB) calls

Robert scoops a massive pot when he committed most of his stack with 100%, that play looks pretty poor from Sr12 here, but as we said. They look like they're here to gamble, and gamble they did!

Straddle from ANYWHERE on GGPoker

One of the best action inducing features available on GGPoker is the ability to Straddle from any position! This feature often played a part in the hands Steffen reviewed and is a crucial point for how the next pot could snowball preflop!

Suited hands Clash

$500/$1,000 6-max

CO (Robert Flink) Straddle to $2,000

BU (Sr12) Straddle to $4,000

Linus opens UTG to $8,000 with A♣️J♣️

Robert Flink calls an additional $6,000 from the CO with 5♣️4♣️

Sr12 on the BU calls for an additional $4,000 after their $4,000 double straddle.

Pot $26,700

Flop 3♠️2♦️2♣️

Action checks around

Pot $26,700

Turn Q♠️

Linus (UTG) Checks

In this spot, Robert has such a range advantage that it makes sense for Linus to be checking it to him. However, Robert has options and decides to realise some equity instead of forcing the action.

Robert (CO) Check

Sr12 (BU) bets $1,000

Linus and Robert both make the call.

Pot $29,700

River A♦️

The Ace is a real action card. Linus makes his top pair from UTG & Robert in the CO makes a straight.

Linus bets $15,000, right around half pot. Steffen eludes to the fact the turn min bet from Sr12 doesn't mean a thing, and Linus is betting an amount on building a pot size he wants with his hand.

He's looking for Qx or, worse, calling here as any Ax hands will be chopping.

Robert raised now to $59,775. Steffen points out him not jamming here. Outlining that he could have an Ax type holding here

Sr12 quickly finds a fold.

Due to Robert often raising here with the Ax hands, Steffen highlights that Linus has little option but to call. Even though Robert is probably never bluffing this spot, particularly with Sr12 still behind him to act, we know they could do anything based on the action so far!

Linus makes the call realistically, looking for the chop and gets shown the bad news as Robert shows down his straight and takes down the near $150,000 pot!

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