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Apply Now For Grindhouse 3 - September 2022

Milko van Winden
Head of Digital Media @ Pokercode

Start applying for Grindhouse 3 today! Join us in the Austrian Alps from September 10th until September 19th and kickstart your poker journey. Retreat with like-minded individuals in a unique environment with everything taken care off.

Make use of this unique once-in-a-lifetime experience and apply to be a part of Grindhouse 3 today!

When & Where

The Pokercode Grindhouse 3 will take place in the Austrian Alps an hour south of Salzburg. It all starts on Saturday, September 10th and the final day will be Monday, September 19th. There’s enough room for all the participants to retreat, and enough nature to clear your head and focus on what’s important.

The house features bedrooms for all participants, multiple kitchens, and a private chef to take care of all the nutritious meals so you can focus on improving your game together with the Pokercode team. Participation in the Grindhouse comes with the price tag of €2,999 (incl. VAT) for Pokercode students and €3,999 (incl. VAT) for other participants.

Apply now for Grindhouse 3

The Grindhouse offers seven spots. Anyone with the right ambition to improve is invited to apply. Find more information on the application process on Pokercode.com/Grindhouse
Grindhouse 3 is held in the beautiful Austrian Alps

What Do You Get

As part of the Pokercode Grindhouse you’ll receive a database analysis from our team of coaches and based on the results a personalized growth plan so your path to success fits your needs as a poker player.

Once in the house you’re welcomed by Fedor Holz to start you off. With 7 live coaching sessions throughout your stay, mental coaching from none other than Elliot Roe, 3 months access to ODIN, and personal guidance from the professional coaches of Pokercode.

After traveling to the Grindhouse in the beautiful mountains of Austria, you’re taken care off by our private chef and there are plenty of side activities planned during the trip.

A private chef will take care of all the needs of the participants

Grindhouse 1 & 2

Grindhouse 3 is following up on the first two projects held by the Pokercode team in 2020 and 2021. To test the concept we put Mario Mosboeck, Roland Rokita, and 6 other Austrian poker players in a house for 2 months to see how far they could come. Rokita managed to cash for over $650,000 in live poker tournaments since Grindhouse 1 with plenty more scores on the online felt. Mosboeck won the $1,050 SCOOP Main Event for over $900,000 and cashed for close to $400,000 in live tournaments.

Paul ‘Artorollin’ Zehetleitner found success on the live felt in Cyprus and Montenegro since his participation in Grindhouse 2 and won multiple online tournaments for multiple 5-figure scores.

Rewatch their journey on YouTube.

Grindhouse 3 On YouTube

We love to capture the magic of what’s going down in the Grindhouse and share it with the world. Just like Grindhouse 1 and 2 we are yet again producing a show to give you an insight in the house.

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