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A Winning Streak: Team Pokercode’s Impressive Performance at the Triton Poker Series

Norbert Szabo
Social Media & Email Marketing Manager

The vibrant Monte Carlo recently played host to the enthralling next stop of Triton Poker Series, where poker enthusiasts from across the globe converged to test their mettle. Amongst them were the stalwarts from Team Pokercode, whose performance left an indelible mark on the felt.

Matthias Eibinger: Triumph in the Main Event

Our own Coach Matthias rose through the ranks to seize the championship title in the $125,000 Main Event, his journey was a testament to the relentless training and ardent passion that courses through the veins of every member of Team Pokercode. Not just winning a title that had eluded him but also setting a new high score in his poker career with a prize money of $3,461,261.

When asked about how this Main Event win compares to his other previous Triton accomplishments, Matthias shared:

"The feeling is just amazing. It’s by far the biggest cash I’ve ever had and I’ve won two trophies, both of which were turbos and now I’ve won a normal event. That was on my list to achieve and I'm just happy."

The fierce heads-up battle with Spanish player Adrian Mateos was a thrilling display of skill and strategy, ending with Matthias securing a well-deserved victory. It’s not often you come back from a 9:1 chip deficit in a heads-up battle, but Matthias found comfort in this situation where others may have suffered:

"I like this kind of patient approach and then putting yourself in spots where you risk everything. Adrian basically had all of the chips in-play, so it was a really awkward situation, but I really liked it. The shorter my stack got, the more I liked it, so it was perfect."

A Trio’s Striking Performance: Mario, Alexander, and Fedor

This special 200K Invitational event, pairing seasoned pros with business recreationals, showcased a thrilling blend of expertise and leisure on the high roller felt. With 73 runners, the invitational event amassed a staggering prize pool of $14,600,000, setting a grand stage for our maestros.

As the event unfolded, eyes were also on Mario Mosböck, a former footballer turned poker pro, and his significant chip lead over Smith. However, as the tides of fortune shifted, a riveting two-pair versus two-pair cooler saw Smith securing a seven-figure victory.

Amidst the high-stake drama, Mario's VIP partner, Alexander Shelukhin, carved a niche for himself by finishing fifth, adding $1,125,000 to Team Pokercode’s collective victory. And our very own, Fedor Holz, also made a noteworthy appearance at the final table, eventually securing the 7th position with a prize of $694,000.

Journey with Pokercode

This event was not just a victory for Matthias or the mentioned trio, but a testament to the community, training, and camaraderie that is the hallmark of Team Pokercode. We invite you to be part of this exciting journey, to learn, play, and triumph together in the world of poker. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and exclusive content from us on our Discord. Your road to poker success could very well start with Pokercode. Whether you are just starting on your poker journey or looking to refine your strategy, Pokercode is your companion towards achieving poker excellence.

Our doors are open for those ready to embark on this exciting journey, and with more exhilarating updates and exclusive content on the horizon, there’s no better time to join the team. Your path to poker success is a decision away. Stay tuned as we continue to celebrate the game, the strategy, and the community that makes poker more than just a game.

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