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Milko van Winden

Milko joined the Pokercode team mid-2020 as the Head of Content, responsible for producing the Grindhouse project, the Pokercode blog, and the Twitch channel.

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Hill Kerby

Hill Kerby has been a familiar name for those following the news within the poker industry. Producing Pokercode Blog content is the next thing on his long resume.

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Martijn Kingma

Martijn Kingma has been active within the poker media since 2016 working as a writer and live reporter. Other interests of Martijn are football and tennis.

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Kyle McCague

Kyle became part of the Pokercode Team in 2022. The poker enthusiast couldn’t let go of the game and is back after leaving the industry in 2020.

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Leo Worthington-Leese

Leo is a professional poker player from the UK, mainly playing live tournaments and some cash, employing an exploitative style whilst loving poker's depth as a game.

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